A Cork city center meeting hub for photographers. All levels and specialties welcome.

Create the Photo Experience you Deserve!

Themes, equipment, viewpoints, specialties, and many more elements of the photo creative mix.

Support for your creative visions

Cork Camera Group - Winning Ways -

Weekly Meetings

Get together with like-minded photo enthusiasts. Discuss techniques and share your work.

For Beginners and Advanced

Fellow members are always willing to share knowledge and skills.  Cork Camera Group is a collaborative experience that scales with your creative growth.

Guest Speakers

Our meeting are varied and include special events, group outings, guest speakers, workshops and competitions/projects.

Follow Your Passion, Create your Vision.
Cork Camera Group isĀ  geared towards amateur and semi-pro photographers.

We focus on providing a complete enthusiasts support, with a full variety of clubhouse nights and external outings. Activities designed to enhance your photography and showcase your creativity.

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