POTY 2021 !

Photographer of the Year

Each Member is invited to enter 6 Digital Images (colour or mono).

The images need to be resized to 2000px on the shortest side.

Each Image should be Labelled with your CCG ID Number along with A,B,C,D,E and F.

Example   CCG22A or CCG01E etc

NO OTHER IDENTIFYING MARKS ON YOUR IMAGES (Authors identity should be hidden from Judges)

Premier CCG Competition

enter any image you wish


There are prizes for: 1st and 2nd in each grade Best overall Mono Image Best overall Colour image


POTY is an Open competition, so you can enter any image you wish.
Images which qualify for this year’s POTY must meet the following criteria….. Images must have been taken on or after assigned date. Images cannot have been entered into POTY before. Images used in other competitions, eg Monthly league, other club competitions can be entered.
If in the event of a dispute about when the image was taken, it is entirely up to the photographer to prove the image in question was taken within the given timeframe. RAW Files may be requested.

Enter your PHOTOS next year