Anyone who was inspired by Paul Flynns’ recent presentation please note this one to watch out for at the moment
Just to be aware that Portuguese Man of War Jellyfish are washing ashore in large numbers along the Southern coast including Oysterhaven and Rocky Bay. The jellyfish is extremely dangerous!
I stopped counting at 65 in Rocky Bay today and we saw more in Oysterhaven this morning.  I have reports of same along the coastline as far as Union Quay & Reen pier.
A warning was issued earlier this week in the Examiner in relation to exceptional numbers of the jellyfish being washed up on southern coastlines due to Atlantic storms.. 
The jellyfish is extremely venomous and dangerous as it can remain potent for hours or even days after the death of the organism or the detachment of the tentacles.

Check this link for some frightening facts!