Written by: Niall Brownen

Congratulations to club members Ann FrancesBill Power and Morgan O Neill on on being awarded their EFIAP bronze & EFIAP gold awards respectively. 

There are only a handful of people in the country with the EFIAP gold award, and to give you and idea of what’s required to get the EFIAP gold,

You must first get your EFIAP award, which requires you to get 
250 acceptances, from 50 different images, from 30 salons, in no less than 20 different countries, and you must have at least 2 awarded images. At least 12 of your acceptances must be for printed images and at least 5 of your images must have gained at least 3 acceptances each.

Once you get this distinction, the “clock ” is reset to Zero and you must start from the beginning for all remaining distinctions. You can not use any of the images or awards again towards your future distinctions.

So starting again from scratch , got your EFIAP gold, you now require a further 
500 acceptances from 150 different images from 15 countries and you require another 6 awards from 6 different countries and at least 6 images must have gotten at least 3 acceptances each.