Club Meeting 22nd Oct 2019

Panel presentation Photos –

Images from: Ann Francis, Jonathan Flurey and Charlie O’Donovan.

Ann Frances explained the how and why of IPF awards. Then we got to see just what type of quality is required by the award judges when we saw the display of three complete photo panels.

Thanks to all who presented and contributed on the night. It is a testament to the experience and collaborative spirit of Cork Camera Group that we are able to have so many world beating images and award winning photographers crammed into that small room on one single meeting night.

Jonathan enthralled all as he unfolded his personal photographic journey. A trip that showed the continual skill development and unstoppable persistence that led him to his IPF award in 2019. Jonathan showed two panels of photos. One being his winning panel and the other his first unsuccessful attempt. In a crafty presentation twist, we had to decide for ourselves which images were the winners, which ones did not make the grade and, more importantly, why an image was rejected by the judges.

Charlie outlined the tough choices you have to make when deciding on the final few photos that will comprise your IPF entry. We were all amazed when he reveled how close to his competition deadline some of those decisions were made. Only a photographer with such a large body of competitive photos would have been able to substitute winning images within the time frame.

Ann showed us her winning panel of composite photos and spoke about the detailed effort that goes into taking and making the images. While many asked questions concerning the technical construction of the images others queried Anns’ inspirational sources- perhaps keen to push that creative envelope themselves. Anns’ panel was definitely inspired and showed how the skill and craft of photography can merge with the wider world of art.