John Minihan: Beckett and the Wake

“Looking at the work of John Minihan one understands immediately why Samuel Beckett, that most private and publicity-shy of artists, entirely trusted him, and allowed him to become, in effect, his official photographer. Minihan’s gift is to be at once penetrating and discreet, probing and respectful, close-up and impersonal. His photographs offer us deep insights into Beckett the man while maintaining intact the essential mystery, which is the mystery of art, and the Beckett he presents to our gaze is both mortal being and the timeless artist.” – John Banville

September 25th

4.00pm, Grand Parade Library, Cork City.
Free, unticketed

John Minihan was born in Dublin in 1946 and raised in Athy, County Kildare. Over the years, Minihan developed a close relationship with many writers and his photographs of Samuel Beckett show a particular affinity between the two men. William Burroughs once referred to Minihan as “a painless photographer.” His friendship with Samuel Beckett produced some of the most remarkable photographs ever taken of the writer.