The Natural World – An image which depicts any creature, any living plant, any natural/biological/environmental aspect or feature, or any weather phenomenon to illustrate their view of the natural world.

Whereas Wildlife photography is a genre of photography concerned with documenting various forms of wildlife in their natural habitat our theme this month was of a slightly broader topic – Natural World. But in a similar way to pure wildlife shots the shooters require photography skills along with some “field craft” skills.

Getting that field craft to work for you is the way to differentiate your images. Whether it is knowing when your house cat is going to stretch next or where the heron hangs out locally – a bit of planning goes along way!

Bill Power was judge on the night. A veteran with many national and international judging sessions to his credit, Bill is also a renowned photographer and a multi-award winner. We were delighted to be able to draw on his background and keen observational skills.