Over the course of the year, eight rounds of our league competition take place. Four of these rounds are themed, the other four are open. Scroll down to see what themes we have in store for the 2018/19 season! Tutorials nights may be held for the themed rounds where appropriate.

Members may enter up to three images per round using any mixture of colour prints, monochrome prints or projected (digital) images subject to a limit of a maximum of two images per section.

In order for club members to have their work judged against national standards, this competition will be judged by an external judge with each image scored out of 30.

A complete guide & rules to all club competitions can be found here.

Any questions can be directed to our competition secretary who can be reached via our ‘contact‘ page.

Click to go to competition inbox where you can log in and upload your entry!

The competition themes for 2018/19 season are listed below and will run in the order listed. Check the calendar for exact dates.

  • Open Theme – Any image of your choosing.
  • Negative Space –  Images using the negative space as a compositional element. 
  • Open Theme – Any image of your choosing.
  • Elevated Perspective –  Images taken from an elevated perspective, look down on to a subject. 
  • Open Theme – Any image of your choosing.
  • Geometric Shapes – Photos of geometric shapes, natural or man-made. Buildings and architecture might provide you with the shapes in the forms of structural elements 
  • Open Theme – Any image of your choosing
  • Sports Action – Dramatic sporting moments