New Deadline for Monthly League

Reminder that we have a new deadline for entries to the Monthly League Competition.

Closes 10pm Sunday

The upload inbox will close at  10pm of  the Sunday before the competition.

Entries not in before that time will be ineligible for the competition.

This is needed to allow the competitions officer to prepare the images and send them to the Judge. We would appreciate your cooperation with this small adjustment to procedures.

Previously, late entries have been accommodated. But we will now be enforcing the deadline. Unfortunately, late entries will no longer be allowed.


The inbox will be open at least a week in advance. This gives everybody ample time to enter images. If a you decide to upload at 21.55 hrs on the Sunday Night, that’s fine. But if that upload doesn’t succeed, for whatever reason, at 22.00hrs the Inbox will still close. Obviously we would encourage you to have your images submitted well in advance of the deadline.

Image size

The requirement for resizing of images is still in effect. Images should be resized to 1080px on the shortest side. This gives all images a uniformity, it reduces file sizes and it’s good practice for if and when we return to projecting in the club rooms. There is plenty of info on resizing images on the CCG Website. If an image is not resized correctly, it may be resized, but CCG take no responsibility for the end result. It is your image and it is your responsibility to size it correctly. Verify the resulting file before you upload for quality, size and crop.

Late entries no longer allowed

The best inspiration is an impending deadline