35mm Film kit for sale.

We have been contacted by a former Dublin camera LIPF member. She is selling her Nikon gear.

  • SNV32360
  • SNV32364
  • SNV32372
  • SNV32380

I think that most (or all) of the kit is film camera era.  Often the lenses are usable on digital cameras by attaching to an adapter. Check first before buying.

I am told that all the gear is of the best quality and in good condition. There are some items never used and as new. The mounts are from Clonakilty, black and white, and some ivy as well.

if you have any interest please contact Tim Murphy. The owner will come to Cork to display any items to us on a Tuesday evening. She would prefer not to be contacted at her home.

See the list below:

Cameras and Photo equipment for sale

Nikon 801 S

Nikon FM 2

Nikon Speedlight SB – 23

Nikon Lens 70 – 210 1:4 – 5.6

Nikon Lens  28 – 70   1:3.5 – 4.5

Nikon MC-12B Remote Cord

Filters and Polarizers:

4 Hoya 52mm

2 Hoya 62.0s

2 Cokin Cromofilter G1

1 Nikon 52mm

2 Sun Hoods

Nikon Camera Trunk-Case 39 x 27 x 19.5

Double Mounts 40 x 50 cm

Slide Masks & Pockets (New)

Slide Wallets (New)

Tripod Cullmann Magic 2 (New)

Leather Portfolio Case


Various Photographic books