SUMMER MEET UP – Photoshoot on Wednesday 21st

To all members,

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Event Details:
Martin Duggan has booked a performing artist for an outdoor photo shoot. (contact Martin for any more info)


On the steps of Shandon church at 7.00pm next Wednesday 21st of August.


Camera, flash, reflectors and any other equipment you may need.


There is a €10 charge for each photographer, and you will also be expected to send on some images to the artist.

Who will we shoot?
The artist: Macha shewolfe

She performed in The Dragon of Shandon, and stole the show. A few of the club members photographed her, but she was moving very fast, this time you will be able to direct the performer. This is an opportunity not to be missed, she is a very dramatic, flexible dancer.

Like it?

Cool event, so put it in your diary.