Covid19 Proposal for POTY  2020

The POTY has always been a Print Competition, and we would like to continue that tradition this season – despite health restrictions.

In order for this to happen we propose the following:

  • 6 Prints per Photographer
  • Max size print A4
  • Prints NOT mounted
  • Prints would probably be posted to Paul Flynn. ( Clarification to follow)
  • Prints will be delivered to Judges for scoring ( 2 Judges). Paul will look after this.
  • We hope to record the commentary of both judges and Replay them back – as with our previous 2020 competitions.

POTY Annual Competition

Following the completion of the league competition, at the end of the season, we hold our annual Cork Camera Group Photographer of the Year Competition (POTY).



Your BEST Six Photos

The POTY competition allows you to submit six printed images. The top five marking ones are taken into consideration for scoring..

Judging Process

Although all images are judged together, each photo is scored individually and the submitted photos are distributed randomly throughout the judging period..


There is a one winner & one runner-up for each of the three grades. There is also an award for the best colour print and the best monochrome print overall.

Rules and Regulations

A complete guide & rules to all club competitions

Label your Prints

A completed entry sticker with your CCG ID number must be present on each print.

Want to know more?

Any questions can be directed to our competition secretary who can be reached via our ‘contact‘ page.