This document is the one shown by Paul on the night and it has some valuable overview of the Seascapes topic.

Paul showed us the type of IPF quality he brings to the topic of Seascapes. All those present appreciated Pauls’ willingness to share his technique, tips, tricks and even secrets! It is great to have members like Paul who are so open in distributing their knowledge.

Paul has spent some time perfecting this art in his local coastal areas. He has now got an instinctive feel for what type of composition will work in specific areas. The seashore and sea can be a place of shifting moods. The scenes can range from great drama to peaceful tranquility. As a photographer Paul advises not to try to control what will happen when shooting a seascape. Wait for the right moments is more likely the approach that will work best. Be observant, take some trial images and adjust your location to assess new viewpoints. Consider all the elements at your disposal on the shore; rocks, beach, sky, light, not forgetting the water! Paul showed two other elements you may like to add; people in the shots (some of them might even be you!) and those happy dogs! Some other tips:


At all times remember you need to take extreme care near water. The sea and coastal areas can change rapidly and frequently. The Irish Coastguard remind people to;