Depth of Field

A fantastic presentation by Nathan Richardson explaining depth of field in photography.

Filters in Landscape Photography

A presentation on using filters in landscape photography by Danny Foley.

Understanding Exposure

Danny Foley explains the differences between human sight and cameras, how the camera measures and controls exposure, middle grey and how exposure is handled in different program modes.

Macro Photography

Jason Town explains the basics of macro photography including details of the equipment needed for this specialised form of photography.

IPF Distinctions

Danny Foley discusses the various distinction accreditatio’s that are awarded by the Irish Photographic Federation and the skills that are required at each distinction level.

Photoshop – Absolute Beginners

Mark McGloughlin discusses digital photography fundamentals and a basic workflow from camera to print or web presentation.

Photoshop – A few useful techniques

Mark McGloughlin shows us some digital photography editing techniques for correcting common in-camera, some artistic techniques and how to prepare images for web publishing.

Slideshow Creation

Moira O’Brien shows how to create a slide show in Windows using Windows Movie Maker

Roches Stores Aliens!

George Greenleee uses a W shaped curve in levels to produce an unique image effect.

On Camera Flash

Danny Foley discusses the principles of how ETTL flash works and how to get the best results using a dedicated flash gun.

Off Camera Flash

Moira O’Brien explains off camera flash setup for a photo shoot at B&Q for their in-house magazine.

Making Money from Photography

Danny Foley discusses different ways in which a photographer can make money from photography.