As a member of the Cork Camera Group, my passion for photography has blossomed

While I haven’t confined myself to a specific style or genre just yet, I find immense joy in both color and monochrome photography. The allure of vintage glass photographic plates from my grandfather’s era has always fascinated me, making black and white images particularly captivating. My trusted companion on this photographic journey is my Nikon Z5 camera, paired with my go-to Nikkor S 24-70mm lens. In my photography arsenal, you’ll also find my Nikkor 85mm prime, Nikon 70-300mm, and Nikon 16-50mm lenses. My trusty Manfrotto tripod accompanies me, and I never leave home without my sturdy “Stumpy” tripod. My photography kit also includes a handful of batteries, essential filters, lens cloths, and a remote shutter release. Being part of this club allows me to seek guidance from fellow members and compare my work with theirs. Photography, for me, is a delightful blend of a social and personal hobby, and I cherish every moment of it

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