Charlie O’Donovan FIPF, EFIAP.

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I have been interested in taking photographs since my late teenage years (that’s not today or yesterday). I joined Cork Camera Group in 2011 and realised soon after that, ‘you don’t take a picture you make it’ as Ansel  Adams famously said. I am interested in all types of photography but am constantly drawn back to Landscape, Seascape, Long Exposure, Architecture, Macro and Street Photography.

When I create an image, I like to present it in a way that is not seen by the eye, or at least not seen by the casual glance. This translates to everything from, a broad landscape on a foggy morning, to capturing elements in water using long exposure techniques, to using a macro lens to capture patterns in ice, to finding compositions in buildings, that the passer by will not generally observe. I like to keep my compositions simple and strive for minimalism whenever I can.

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