Limerick Film Photography

The Limerick Camera Club are starting a new competition that will be open to anyone who still shoots film photography.  Some CCG members may be interested?

The Limerick Camera Club has been supporting the art of photography in Limerick since 1943. This is why they feel it is important to remember how photography started and how most started using cameras.


Film photography 35mm, 120 or large format in either colour or monotone or monochrome was what started the passion for photography for many people and members over the years. This is why the Limerick club has decided to run a competition for this area of photography open to everyone from the club and outside the club to showcase the amazing work film is still being used for nowadays. The importance of film photography should not be underestimated for those learning photography or the long time professional. It can test your skills and patience and give you a truly unique image or set of images.


What they are looking for is 3 to 5 images printed and mounted or on card. Images shall be viewed and judged at a club event. Images must be taken from a film process so you may be asked for negatives or to explain how the image was taken. Negatives scanned and printed will also be allowed.