From Casual Clicks to Artistic Ambitions

I have always been the keen photographer. When I say photographer, I have always been taking “Snaps”. I bought my first SLR camera back in 1975. At that time was advised to get a Canon as it had a Japanese lens and a German body- getting the best of both worlds   While  I have continued to upgrade my cameras I have never moved away from Canon and now  using a Canon 90D.

 I joined the Cork Camera Group last year to help move on from taking Snaps to creating photographic images.  They say if you sleep with dogs you will get up with fleas. In my case I am hoping that members creativity and experience will rub off on me.  So far so good as I am beginning to look at creating images is in a different light with the assistance of the CCGs members along with tuition and competitions.  Still a long way to go but I am the road to creating my own style of images. images that I like.

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