POTY 2020

An update by Paul Flynn, CCG Competitions Officer.

As you are aware, we didn’t run the POTY for the season gone due to Covid 19 restrictions.

The POTY has always been a Print Competition, and we would like for this years POTY to remain the same. In order for this to happen we propose the following:

·         6 Prints per Photographer

·         Max size print A4

·         Prints NOT mounted

·         Prints would probably be posted to me . (I will clarify this when the time is right)

·         Prints will be delivered to two Judges for scoring (I will look after this)

·         We hope to record both judges comments and replay them back as with other competitions in the past.

Qualify Images:

Any image taken between May 31st 2019 and May 31st 2020 qualify for this Years POTY. Images taken outside these dates will not qualify .

As per other years, there will be three grades, and the scoring will be similar with your best 5 scores counting to your overall score. There will be Best Overall Mono Print and Colour Print.

So as you can imagine, for all this to happen, we need to put in place a timeline to which we can all comply with. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to let me or any member of the Committee know. If we get positive feed back, we will let you know how we will proceed.

Bearing in mind the dates for qualifying images, all these images have been taken by now. Why not spend some time over the next few weeks to whittle down YOUR final six and have them printed and ready to go when we ask for entries.

Stay Safe,

Regards, Paul   www.paulflynnphotography.com